KOPERA is a high expertise product development and consultancy firm. Our focus is on Cloud enabled Smart Devices, also known as Internet of Things. Our clients come to us with their ideas, and we provide the insight, tools and expertise to bring their ambitions to market.


Taking a product from concept to reality is challenging, but it all starts with the planning. The development plans we build provide the detail you need to achieve your business or technical objective.

System Architecture

We apply engineering rigor to develop and assess technology paths that will achieve the desired experience and usher the product smoothly through the subsequent stages of development.

Hardware Engineering

Our hardware engineers possess deep knowledge and vast experience to create analog and digital electronics in-house using a range of processors, DSPs and single board computers. They work side-by-side with the software team to ensure optimal system performance.

Software Engineering

Building cloud enabled smart devices requires knowledge of both embedded software as well as scalable cloud infrastructures, we know both.

Industrial design and Mechanical Engineering

Our team has many years of experience in the design and construction of consumer electronics systems, with a specialty in high end audio and video products.

Certification and QA Testing

With our team, we are able to manage the assembly, testing and quality assurance of your products. We can also take responsibility for the entire certification process of your products.

Production and Manufacturing

A product is not finished before it reaches your customers. We are able to manufacture, test and deliver your products with the help of our strong network of production partners.