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Norsk Telemedisin AS

Fueled by a drive to promote better service and peace of mind for both patients and their families, Norsk Telemedisin had been providing patient monitoring services since 2011 through the use of night vision cameras.

These non-intrusive solutions allowed nurses to remotely and continuously check on patients at home, bypassing the inconveniences of visits unless needed or the discomfort of disturbances of resting patients. Nevertheless, they believed they could do better.

The Opportunity

An opportunity to deliver a proprietary custom tailored solution within a growing market drove Norsk Telemedisin to reach out to us.

The solution, before anything else, had to be simple, secure, and reliable, given the higher standards of the industry they are serving. It would need to provide instant monitoring of the patients’ health, as well as long-term insight into their health conditions, needless to mention the automatic alarms triggered upon detection of abnormal vitals readings.

The Beginnings

We understood quite early on, not just the product to be built or the market it is meant to serve, but also the business approach of our partner. While building a comprehensive solution (encompassing hardware and software) may have been the finish line, getting from 0 to 60 was the focus for our partner, and rightly so.

We built an MVP using a Raspberry Pi and off the shelf hardware. Our focus went into the development of the best software experience, one governed by simplicity, reliability, and performance.

The Challenges

The challenges of innovation need no introduction, especially the innovation of simplicity into technology.

Ease of use is of major importance if the product is to find its position into a market with culture and habits, one with standards and procedures. A complex solution of cameras and sensors, active and passive ones, needed to match in its simplicity that of nursing tools, ones perfected over centuries.

Reliability and fault tolerance of the system, on the other hand, required all our dedication. A system that may save lives deserves to work continuously with no interruptions.

A daunting task given our partner’s choice to use off the shelf hardware, one prone to reliability issues. Aware of the constraints, we designed the software to be fully fault tolerant, continuously operational regardless of hardware bugs. We also optimized for issues of coverage and bandwidth usage for the camera, mindful of patients in remote areas.

We are very ambitious about our Telemedicine product. KOPERA has been an excellent partner in providing the team able to build the reliable product we need in the most effective way.

– Vidar Arnulf, CEO

The Product

We have established a solid and comprehensive solution for our partners that speaks loud to the commitment we vest in our work.

The solution we delivered is made of an embedded linux system acting as a hub for patient vitals collection. Murata SCA11H sensors are integrated to serve heart rate and respiratory rate data. We also integrated various Bluetooth sensors such as pulse oximeters, thermometers, and sphygmomanometers to provide better insight as to the patient’s health.

A custom proprietary algorithm was elaborated to assess sleep quality and allow the trigger of alarms on abnormal vitals readings or extended unoccupancy of the patient’s bed.

The hub submits the collected data to the cloud server for further processing, a challenging and critical feat considering timely processing of the data might make a difference in saving a patient’s life.

A dashboard is put in place to allow the visualization and understanding of all data collected. This provides nurses and doctors with an overview of the patients’ conditions and insights into their health situations; valuable information if they are to make an informed decision.

We also provided our partner with an administrative dashboard to allow them to put in place, configure, and provide their customers with support for their product.

The Scale

Scaling a software product is no easy task, and we understand that very well. As such, we provided NTM with the possibility to continuously focus on their business, while we focus on refining and scaling their product.

A fully managed dedicated team has seen their product to fruition and is best positioned to see to its maintenance, refinement, and scaling. We also continuously operate and manage the cloud servers as part of our comprehensive packages from idea to market.

Our team is continuously providing the improvements and refinements necessary to make the product into a living and breathing solution, scaling to greater heights and adaptible to new markets.