Healthcare NTMHUB

Fueled by a drive to promote better service and peace of mind for both patients and their families, Norsk Telemedisin had been providing patient monitoring services since 2011 through the use of night vision cameras.

These non-intrusive solutions allowed nurses to remotely and continuously check on patients at home, bypassing the inconveniences of visits unless needed or the discomfort of disturbances of resting patients. Nevertheless, they believed they could do better.

Consumer Electronics EC Living

Sound lovers meet technology with Electrocompaniet’s EC living wireless speakers. Designed to seemlessly blend in your life and wirelessly connect in a modular fashion, the EC living speakers guarantee a quality of sound.

KOPERA’s long experience in the design of multimedia systems and digital signal processing has been paramount in providing an audio solution that reshapes the way music is experienced. An intuitive modular system, ease of configuration and simple access to a large array of online streaming services make for the complete experience.

Videoconferencing / Healthcare Bl;nk

Blink is designed to simplify the use of high quality videoconference systems at home and at the office. It can be connected to multiple simultaneous camera and medical sensors that allow Blink to be used for home nursing and home monitoring.

All the major hardware and software components for Bl;nk have been developed and maintained by KOPERA’s hardware, software and mechanical engineers. The manufacturing is also managed by KOPERA through our partners.

Home Automation Smartly Gateway & Control Units

Smartly offers smart solutions for controlling the heating, lighting, doors, vents and other important features of the home. Their focus is on delivering smart technology to newly built homes in Norway.

All the major hardware and software components for Smartly have been developed and maintained by KOPERA’s hardware, software and mechanical engineers. The manufacturing is also managed by KOPERA through our partners.

Oil & Gas RoQC Data Quality Dashboard

Visualization of data and its analysis is the essence of better decision making, and the oil and gas sector are no exception. Roqc has been on the forefront of provision and organization of such data through their desktop solution.

A market motion towards web based solutions had Roqc reach out to us. They needed a reliable online dashboard, and they needed it fast. We delivered.

Consumer Electronics Sony High and Mid-Range AVRs

Sony has been a volume leader in the consumer home theatre equipment market since the market’s beginning in the 1990’s.

The first KOPERA-enabled Sony product was the high-end STR-DA5200ES introduced at the CEDIA Expo in September 2006. For the next three years, KOPERA continued to assist Sony to develop several successive generations of “ES” line A/V Receivers as well as several models in Sony’s mainstream A/V Receiver product line.

Consumer Electronics Onkyo Mid-Range AVRs

The Onkyo brand has been synonymous with audio in Japan and around the world for more than 50 years.

KOPERA worked with its partners ST Micro and Kyoshin Technosonic to develop the HD video switching, processing and control subsystem, and a powerful video control API, for several market leading mid-range Onkyo AVRs which received numerous industry awards for quality and innovation.

Consumer Electronics Herman Kardon High and Mid-Range AVRs

Harmon Kardon wanted to add HD video processing, HDMI/HDCP repeater functionality and graphical on-screen display menus to their well regarded mid-range AVR3xx A/V Receiver product line. They chose Silicon Image HDMI receiver and transmitter chips and a Faroudja video processor from Genesis Microchip, and they selected KOPERA to develop the new software platform to support the added capabilities.

The relationship was so successful that KOPERA was selected for several more generations of mid-range AVRs as well as the high-end AVR7xx line.