Engineering Software

The art of engineering software is about shaping the complex into the simple.

Our expertise allows you to delve into the possibilities of software without falling victim to its pitfalls. We provide you with the tools to make it all within your grasp.

We are commiting our talented teams to the rigour and attention to details necessary to engineer the robust and reliable software you deserve.

System Architecture

We apply engineering rigour to develop and assess technology paths that will achieve the desired experience and usher the product smoothly through the subsequent stages of development. Think of this as a blueprint to a consistently reliable software.

Software Development

Development of software calls for an inside out comprehension of technologies and a level of abstract thinking to make it all smoothly fit together; our team is able to do both.

Our software engineering team has a varied background. From embedded C developers, who are able to design and develop firmwares and embedded Linux systems, to web developers who can build the dashboards and administration interfaces for your system, we have what you need.

Software QA & Testing

Our QA and testing team is always hands on to assure the quality we expect of our software. We also work closely on making sure your product will pass the required certifications you need; be it HDMI or Z-Wave, we have done it before, and we will do it for you.

Operating Servers & Clouds

The operation and maintenance of a backend for cloud services is no easy feat, let alone when it is meant to scale fast. Our experience for operating services for hundreds of thousands of connected devices is yours to operate and scale your own product.

Engineering Electronics

Our electronics engineers, togheter with our partners, thoroughly understand all aspects of the design process and have the experience and tools to create robust circuits meeting the most demanding product requirements.

We have you covered for both analog and digital circuit design. We are able to handle all PCB related work inluding shielding, enviromental testing as well as validation and board bringup.

Circuit Design Analog

Be it active/passive filter design, analog class A/AB audio amplifiers, discrete or op-amp based circuitry, we have the skills required for the job.

Our extended expertise and knowledge in circuit design, ADCs/DACs, Control loop and stability design, High-speed design, low noise design, low power design, RF, PLL and more, allow for the versatility you need to bring your product into the analog world.

Circuit Design Digital

Digital circuitry and its components, whether that be for simple board layouts or complex ones — USB system design, HDMI, FPGA, memory design, or microprocessor — are all technologies we have worked with before and will put to use to design your circuits.

Our history in circuitry provides a wide range of technological skills we can use to design your circuits.

Hardware Implementation

Our expertise in design is combined with the knowledge required for its implementation. We handle PCB layouts, EMC/EMI compliant designs, PCB prototyping and more, to fit the specific needs required from your product.

Motor controls, linear or switching power supplies, signal integrity, touch displays are all within the spectrum of our expertise to provide a quality of hardware fitting your needs.

Environmental Testing & Control

The success of our product building process hinges on the environmental testing and control required to guarantee your hardware will perform in the environment it is meant to be in.

Be it high temperature designs, EMC/EMI shielding designs, or any other physically possible requirement you throw our way, our team will find a solution.

Engineering Mechanics

With many years of experience in design and construction of consumer electronics systems, as well as industrial products, our creative team helps you produce modern designs with optimal productivity.

We have low cost solutions for moulding forms, chassis and general mechanical parts. Our industrial design team, with a number of international awards, is ready to work with you.

3D Design & Modeling

Our comprehensive approach to product-building involves bringing your product to life. We design and model it to abide by rules of aesthetics and utility, but of course, laws of mechanics.

3D Printing & Prototyping

3D printers bring your product to your senses, and allow you to touch and feel it before moving to mass production. The prototyping process is one of refinement before moving into the market.

Enclosure Production

With the help of our partners, we are able to manufacture the enclosures needed for your product. Whether aluminium or plastics build, temperature or shock resistant, we have done it before.

Our partnerships are global and allow us to streamline the process of manufaturing in a cost effective way and save you the hassle of doing it yourself.