Our History

KOPERA, was established in 2002. We started off as an R&D center and independent software services provider to move into the position we currently occupy in the end-to-end product development, technological expertise provision, and highly skilled teams management markets.

A long history of partnerships with key players and development of commercially successful products for major OEMs worldwide has made us who we are today.

Be it audio/video receivers, digital TVs, DVD and Blu-ray Disc players, streaming media players, or any other work of engineering we have built so far, our focus has and will always be satisfactory products and successful partnerships.

We have, over the last few years, been heavily vested in medical software and hardware solutions, videoconferencing systems, and industrial engineering products.

With a diversified portfolio of technologies and a talented team of first class engineers, we have brought together the tools to develop the full gamut of modern audio, video, embedded and IoT products.

Our Philosophy

We believe in a team that is able to work in unison with shared ground and strong commitment to common values. This makes our philosophy a guideline for the direction KOPERA and its team are headed towards.


Our pledge to the pursuit of quality as the driving force for our work at KOPERA is more than the promise of a reliable and performant product. It is the shared understanding that excellence is fostered in our everday lives.

We strive to provide our team with the best enviroment for work and innovation, our partners with the best solutions for their business needs, and our products with a dedication to details and quality up to par with the highest standards.

Team Spirit

We foster the team spirit required to harness collaboration into innovation. We learn from our peers and bring our skills together. Our team’s most important assets are the interactions of its skilled members, to teach and to learn.


Our commitment to fairness permeates into the core of our everyday business practices. This dedication gives us and our partners the peace of mind to focus on what is important: moving forward in creating together what could not be done alone.